Tom Mower Sr., President and Co-Founder

As President and Co-Founder for Sisel International, Tom is actively involved in nearly every aspect of his business. In the 1970’s, Tom was the Regional Sales Director for a National Marketing and Sales Company where he helped achieve record sales volumes. With an inherent ability in chemistry, Tom joined Dell Chemical, where he started as a factory representative, advancing to the head of R&D, Corporate Trainer, and National Sales Manager.

Recognizing his own unique abilities and entrepreneurial talents, Tom started a successful industrial cleaning supply company in 1980 which manufactured and distributed products to major commercial and industrial accounts in the western states. In 1987 he launched Images, a personal care manufacturing company in Utah, which later became Neways International, one of the largest, most successful network marketing companies in the world, reaching almost a billion dollars in annual sales. Tom sold Neways in 2006 to capitalize on what he considered some of the most important discoveries in human health and to launch what he deems the best business opportunity in history, Sisel International. (Click All Pics)

SISELLOGOSIGNSSISEL International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, and his son Tom Jr., with the mission to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplements in the world. The term SISEL (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for; Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. These are the key foundational principles for our company.

At SISEL, we research the research to find exciting new discoveries in modern science, and bring to market spectacular products unlike the world has ever seen. We are committed to the use of evidence-based nutraceutical ingredients, known to be of scientifically-proven biological value, in the most concentrated strength and form possible, combined with other synergistic ingredients to achieve maximum results.

Moreover, we strive to avoid potentially harmful ingredients found in common, off-the-shelf products and use only the most pure, potent, safe, and effective ingredients nature has to offer. SISEL’s products are manufactured under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard, and are rigorously controlled to ensure the highest quality in each and every product we produce.

SISEL is currently operating in over 40 countries around the world and is quickly expanding into other areas. We offer an international compensation structure that is truly global and seamless across countries so that our loyal distributors can reap the financial rewards for building their businesses throughout the world. And because we manufacture our own products, we pay out the most lucrative commissions in the industry.

Here are the ten top reasons answering the question, – “Why Sisel?”

SiselManufacturingFacilityASml1. Tom Mower, Sr. spent 150 Million of his own dollars to start Sisel and build a state-of-the art 440,000 square feet manufacturing facility. In fact, Sisel actually manufactures product for some other MLM companies right here in Utah USA.

2. Sisel is the Most CASH-RICH MLM Company Ever & The Fastest to Profit in the History of the Industry. In addition to making an exclusive line of over 200 of the World’s Finest Health & Wellness Products -SISEL International is the First and Only MLM Company ever to manufacture products for over 100 other companies (Including Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club and GNC) – which generates Millions of Dollars a month in added revenue for the Company – making SISEL International the Most CASH-RICH MLM Company in History. SISEL International became a Profitable Company in its 3rd month – the fastest of any MLM Company. The vast majority of new companies will FAIL – And Only 1 out of 10,000 will ever become profitable.

SISELTOMJRBIOCHEMISTSml3. Sisel has the Best and Most Scientifically Advanced Research & Development Team in the Industry Tom Mower brings his talents as a Biochemist and Master Product Formulator to SISEL International, and together with his son Tom Mower Jr. and along with a team of 14 Full Time PhD Scientists – this comprises the most talented and the most advanced Research & Development Team in the Industry.

4. Sisel has the World’s Most Exceptional Health, Wellness & Weight-Loss Products + Conversion Buying Visit: Sisel Health Products to see and hear impressive testimonials on SISEL’s Exceptional Products, which deliver amazing results that have never been available before, from any other nutritional products. Replace products you buy with SISEL SAFE Products – Visit Sisel Safe Ingredients

SiselsinnerchiSml5. Sisel’s breakthrough Cutting-Edge Age-Reversal Products Including TS-X, Brain Vitality & SISEL’s Hair Growth System Products – incorporating the Exciting New InnerChi Products for Men & Women SISEL’s advanced research team, led by SISEL’s Chief Scientific Officer, Tom Mower – utilizes the latest discoveries in human nutrition, including a major scientific discovery that won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine – to create Breakthrough Age-Reversal Products that have been validated by an independent laboratory to significantly reverse biological age – restoring hair to the natural color, and skin to a much more youthful and healthy appearance, and even re-growing hair! SISEL’s New Age-Reversing InnerChi for Him and InnerChi for Her products (listed in: Products – under the category of: Dietary Supplements) are amazing Age-Reversal products destined to become two of the biggest-selling Products of All Time!

SiselKaffeeWeightLossSml6. Sisel has the Best Tasting & Healthiest Coffee in the World – Sisel Kaffe’ – Lowest in Acrylamides of any coffee in the world, and – The World’s BEST Weight Loss Coffee – with 10 Fat-Burning ingredients SISEL International has created Sisel Kaffe’ – the Best Tasting & Healthiest Coffee Line in the world – which is poised to dominate the blossoming healthy coffees Industry. Made with the best coffee beans in the world – Grade 1 Panamanian Coffee Beans, and fortified with an abundance of four potent health-promoting nutrients: Chaga – Bacopa – Goto Kola and Ganoderma.

SISELSKAFFEPLANTATIONPHOTOSml7. Sisel also owns a coffee farm in Panama, farming its own Panamanian Boquete Geisha beans for its coffee. They are ranked year after year as the highest quality bean in the world. Starbucks actually sold 8oz bags for a limited time… for $120+ each.

8. At Sisel our compensation plan is a very special deal for everyone!
Sisel Compensation plan is a uni-level compensation plan that pays out in 5 ways
1) Fast Start Bonus and Fast Start Retention Bonus
2) Direct Distributor Commissions
3) Leader Affinity Bonus
4) Master Check Match
5) Luxury Bonus
As you can see, Sisel’s compensation plan is second to none in the industry of Network Marketing. Sisel pays out compensation daily and monthly!

9. Sisel is the Most Debt-Free MLM Company of All Time in the History of the MLM Industry SISEL International’s 200 Million Dollar Infrastructure is wholly owned by SISEL – with ZERO DEBT. SISEL’s massive facility was paid for in CASH with the personal funds of its Founder – Tom Mower

10. SISEL International was set up as a Dynasty Trust – which cannot be changed, altered or borrowed against for the next 250 years – making it the most Rock Solid Platform ever, upon which to build a Long- Term Lifetime residual income – an income that you can Will to your family – a Legacy for your loved ones

SiselPathwaySuccessLogoSmlThe founder of SISEL took his previous company to $1 Billion in annual revenue. Our founder also created over 1,000 Home Business Millionaires in his previous company in the process. His goal is to create over 10,000 new Millionaires with SISEL International. Why not be one of them?